GLEN College's intensive Weekend Courses include:

- 6-12 hours of lectures & seminars

- short breaks (15 min.)
- long break (2-3 hrs.) (excursions, hiking, picnics...)
- One-day, two-day and three-day weekend courses are available

An example of a day:
3-4 hrs of theory
2-3 hrs (long breaks) - Integration with nature e.g. a walk by the river,then a picnic, sightseeing...
3-4 hrs seminars(Problem Solving)/practicals("Boat Rowing").
3 hrs:visiting the cafe restaurant (optional or staying in and watching a movie,playing games,chit-chatting... )
-THE NIGHT CAP (one of the most modern principles of learning, first implemented by the G.L.EN.College Department of Research and Mnemonics, expert in identifying the ways how to keep information longer in one`s memory )

"This was one of the best Saturdays of my life."
Dominica Dieska

"It was great, thanks for inviting me. I would like to go again."
Gabo Asvanyi