What is TOEFL?
Test of English as a Foreign Language
TOEFL originated in the U.S.A. but today it is used not only in America but internationally as a university standard.If you are a non-native speaker of English you are required to sit the TOEFL Test to prove your ability to study in the English Language at a tertiary level.Most universities require that your TOEFL score be younger than 2 years but for a job application your TOEFL Certificate remains valid thereafter.
TOEFL consists of 4 parts: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.It is a demanding exam almost 4 hours long.To do well, WE RECOMMEND YOU ATTEND A GOOD PREPARATORY COURSE.

- Students may begin the preparation almost anytime throughout the year.
- Before the preparation they are tested and grouped to one of seventeen levels.
- The number of lessons required to have a student fully-prepared depends on his/her level when he/she initiated the course.
- Students may choose to do the preparation alone or in small groups ranging from 2 - 6 pupils.

- Conquer TOEFL with the most modern and effective ways of learning grammar:
- Teaching Sentence
- Open Grammatical Structures
- Closed Grammatical Structures
- Multiplicity
- Fence
- First Grammatical Offence
- Second Grammatical Offence
- To be on the Wrong Side of the Fence
- The Unequation
- Treasure Hunt

Examination Dates
Students may take the examination once in every calendar month and may choose the date and time.
To get the most appropriate date they should apply at last one or two months prior to that day.
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is a standardized test that is an admission requirement for many graduate schools in English-speaking countries.
It consists of 4 parts
- Verbal section
- Quantitative section
- Analytical writing section
- Experimental section
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