Don't give up, good teachers

Before you give up,

Check out GLEN College

They have only 3 or 4 levels,

we have 17

They have minimum 15 people in a group,

we have maximum 6

They take your money,

we save your money

They have an old system of teaching,

we have "Treasure House"



Good teachers somewhere,

Good teachers nowhere to be found...

...Good teachers are at GLEN.

Knowledge of the subject, valid certificates and experience from teaching elsewhere are not enough. All new teachers are tested and if chosen are trained to be one of the best teachers. Teachers are given maximum 2 years to reach a required standard if not are expelled. Teachers who are not expelled are constantly monitored according to The 31 Criteria of Teacher Assessment* and are expected to exceed themselves i.e. they should get better, and better, forever.

*The 31 criteria of Teacher Assessment were written by the European Teacher of the Year 1998.